[Market Research] Kantar: Production Manager (WP-PR-HCM)


Job Responsibilities:

  • Controlling and maintaining all programs are utilizing in Production system.

  • Supervising the operation of data production activities

+ Database Preparation: Itemization maintenance, validation, report inspection
+ Database production /Output services: setting up and maintaining databases to client specification.
+ Database Administration: scheduling, in house reporting, data checking and signing off
+ Ensure database production comply with the SOP
  • Co-ordinating with Data Entry Manager on DE changes or new products to ensure DE’s changes do not adversely impact to Client Report Quality

  • Central point for all aggregated/electronic data delivery client queries (via client service)

  • Managing and controlling the client databases. Directly arranging and monitoring of databases production to ensure align with schedule and client’s request.

  • Proposing innovations to improve data production processes.

  • Team management: Provide the needed skills, training or coaching programs to staffs in personal development

  • Reporting to Operation Manager as planned and as requested

Required skills

  • University degree in related field

  • Good English (reading, writing, listening)

  • Well- developed analytical skills

  • Strong Logical

  • Strong analytical skills and a keen interest in working with data

  • Good communication

  • Good interpersonal skills

  • Excellent knowledge of MS office, SQL

  • A comprehensive understanding of database management

  • IT based degree preferably in programming,

Salary : Negotiation

Please email for more details: ngan.phanhoangkim@kantar.com


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