[HCM][Agency] TBWA Group Vietnam:PR Associate Account Manager/Account Manager



PR Account Manager should be able to lead his/ her team to develop and deliver excellent quality communication/PR strategies and activities for clients.

He/ she will control and lead the activities of one or a number of accounts and support staff to achieve the required objectives within agreed budget and timetable.

He/ she will generate a flow of new client revenues by developing existing clients, identifying new client opportunities and working as part of a new business team.

He/ She will be expected to act as a source of knowledge, insight and information about his/her specialist sectors and/or PR services.



  • Develop trust with clients and deepen the consulting relationship
  • Help to motivate and develop junior staff, ensuring correct standards for all works are carried out.
  • Ensure that relationship in the teamwork effectively, and be responsible for solving issues within the team
  • Ensure that relationships with other teams in the agency (creative, ATL, etc) work effectively, through quality briefings, clear processes, and informal relationship-building
  • Champion the firm’s principles, perspectives, and vision internally and externally


  • Maintain a strong network of journalists, demonstrate a good understanding of media trends, and use this knowledge to advise clients on communications approaches
  • Actively broaden the client discussion, by challenging and exploring potential areas of need and opportunity
  • Ensure insights and feedback to clients are excellent and constructive
  • Ensure creative is effectively built into client programs and encourage a 360 marketing mindset
  • Maintain an overview of client contact by subordinates and ensure that all 
work carried out and submitted to clients is of the highest quality
  • Manage client budgets, invoicing, and profitability of individual client accounts
  • Be fully aware of TBWA’s terms of business and standard client contract
  • Be responsible for financial administration


  • Demonstrate a broad understanding of sector and client issues, and use this knowledge to anticipate and solve client problems
  • Ensure a clear grasp of client business, internal and external politics, budgetary constraints, and needs to be able to advise and counsel clients on emerging issues
  • Actively seek, develop and implement new business initiatives
  • maintain good business practice on behalf of TBWA towards clients and 
  • Effectively use TBWA tools and processes and encourage others to do so

If you are the one, please send your CV to recruitment.vn@tbwa.com


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