[HCM] [Agency] GoldenPen – Sr.Event Specialist



Job Requirements

  • Event planning, event manger, moderate event, write MC’s script
  • Collaborate with colleagues in the department and the company to develop ideas for events
  • Manage and monitor the events

Professional Skills Required

  • Graduate university
  • Acquired 4 years of experience in event (preferably experience working as Agency)
  • Creative in ideas
  • MC’s script writing skills
  • Focused skills in event planning, event manager and event monitoring
  • Administration production skills
  • Active, able to handle high pressured work
  • English fluency is an advantage.
  • Positions in hiring: Sr.Event Planner, Event Team Leader, Event Manager


  • Employees will working in an active, friendly environment with opportunities to boosts positions
  • Will earn the benefits according to the policy in income protection insurance, health insurance, social insurance
  • High net worth salary
  • Great welfare, high rewards: projects’ rewards, royalties, commissions,…
  • Traveling in and outside of the country
  • Health and safety insurance 24/7

Please send your CV via our email address: tuyendung@ngoibutvang.com. Tel:0909.086880


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