[HCM] [Agency] GoldenPen – Sr.Digital Marketing


Job Description:

Senior Digital Marketing Executive is responsible for developing, analyzing and executing digital marketing plans and strategies to increase sales and number of access as well as responsible for monitoring all the projects. He/She is also supporting to ensure tasks are finished within deadline, high quality and stays in the targeted budget and proactively updates the project’s processes through reports, meetings and email, etc.


  • Design, develop and manage all digital marketing projects for all digital channels (attracts and maintain clients/consumers)
  • Responsible for devising and managing the digital marketing’s budgets and ROI targets for each digital marketing channels
  • Give professional advises and suggestions about marketing strategies and plans for the team and the client
  • Maintain daily relationships and contacts with others digital marketing companies to ensure the execution of task goes perfectly.
  • Make deep analysis of the channel transitions, sales and ROI to provide corrections to mistakes and devise strategies to improve the projects.
  • Collaborate with other companies to maximize the results
  • Utilise all digital marketing analysis and build a control system to provide in-depth information and give suggestions to approach consumers in a new and improved ROI marketing strategies
  • Ensures the general strength and efficient of the project and/or translate all advertising events
  • Assess the opportunities for digital marketing and develop the new digital marketing strategies; provide in-depth analysis and suggestion that leads to group collaborations

Professional Requirements

  • At least 2-3 years of experience proven in the digital marketing field
  • Has a bachelor in marketing or in any relation field
  • First-hand experience and able to manage digital marketing, inclusion of SEO/SEM, email and social media. Has an in-depth understanding of different practices about search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo
  • Strong writing skills
  • Creative and experienced in determining targets and devising attractive digital marketing strategies. Strong analyzing skills and critical thinking based on data
  • Knowledgeable in regards to searching engines (e.g: Google, Analytics, Moz, etc.). Knowledgeable in working with advertising tools. Experienced in devising and maximizing advertising strategies Google Adwords and Facebook
  • Update on newest trends and methods in marketing and online advertisement
  • Good management skills to multi-manage tasks
  • Knowledgeable in digital marketing
  • Experienced and knowledgeable in relation to Real estate is an advantage
  • Ready to work as a company and as a client

Benefits and Commission

  • Satisfactory salary
  • Social insurance, health insurance and income protection insurance according to the Work Policy

Please send your CV via our email address: tuyendung@ngoibutvang.com. Tel:0909.086880


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